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Vallum Halo Manager

Vallum Halo is web based is a web based enterprise network monitoring solution that is simple to install and will
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14 July 2014

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This is an enterprise network monitoring solution.

Vallum Halo availability management solution deploys agents to monitor availability of servers and other resources in a network. These servers and devices may have IP addresses inside or outside the organization’s network. This tool tracks device availability through monitoring some parameters. It can provide you reports on the same. These parameters include device availability, IP address availability through web URL, firewall, router, database, etc., CPU load, memory load, disk capacity, system processes and services availability, etc. Much of the functionality is distributed at the agent level. This approach departs from a monolithic and bloated solution often produced. This decentralized architecture lets it be installed/ uninstalled easily. The trial version is a full-featured one and is available for 30 days to try. It is an enterprise end-point management solution and is a web-based enterprise network monitoring solution.

Vallum Halo is a simple to install application. It discovers all devices automatically and provides availability data and alerts. When the free universal agent is installed, it lets you obtain more detailed data on CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, processes and services, etc. This is a free tool. The way it is constructed, you could install/uninstall applications as needed. These apps are intended to customize the tool. The interface is very well-designed and, the layout allows intuitive access to its functions. This is not a tool for just anyone but for the IT department within your organization. Most IT types will be able to master the tool fairly easily. This is a very good tool.

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Vallum Software is a provider of enterprise end point management solutions. The Vallum Halo Manager is a web based enterprise network monitoring solution. Vallum Halo is a simple install that will automatically discover all devices and immediately provide availability data and alerts. Installation of a free universal agent, included as part of the installation, will provide more extensive metrics on CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, processes and services, but this is only the start. Vallum Halo utilizes a unique framework which allows additional applications to be installed or uninstalled much like smart phones. The applications are easy to install and allow organizations to easily customize Vallum Halo to their specific needs in a way that is not possible with any other network management solution on the market.

Vallum Halo is easily downloaded and is a fully-working version for 30 days. You can upgrade to a permanent license at any time during the trial from within the application.
Vallum Halo Manager
Vallum Halo Manager
Version x1.1.0
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